Useless Cogitations is a newsletter that’s purposely aimed at empowering us with a difference. It’s about how we point away from always being on the treadmill, which is, among other things, disempowering.

So any and everything done here is with one objective: helping us to stop the treadmill, and preferably getting us off it altogether.

I’m Téj Ashish, the person behind Useless Cogitations, which I’ve setup as a complete project on empowerment.

It's a place where empowering stories, extracts, ideas, and anything else that is empowering, are brought to the forefront. So if you want to empower yourself in a nourishing, fresh way, then UC is for you.

Feeding Time: A coot parent caring for its young, starting it off to an empowered life. This photo is from the story: Beliefs Make Heroes.

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Today more than ever, a subscription needs to give value, and UC’s monthly subscription, billed annually is designed for that purpose. When content is at a premium, it provides enthusiasm to both you the reader and I the writer, to better utilise and develop the content. UC’s subscription is 0.5 GBP/month or 6 GBP/year, approx 83 Japanese Yen/month or 993 Japanese Yen/year, approx 0.6 US Dollars/month or 7 US Dollars/year, approx 4 Chinese Yuan/month or 48 Chinese Yuan/year, and approx 47 Indian Rupees/month or 564 Indian Rupees/year.

UC Subscribers get:

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I’m passionate about making UC the go-to empowerment tool for our use. I’m married, British, and live in Oxfordshire, England.

The latest five stories are free to read. Bonus sections like Story Notes and Behind the Scenes, which accompany each story, are paid.

Useless Cogitations is a reader-supported publication. To get the full subscription benefits and support my work, consider becoming a paid subscriber.

Fun facts about UC

  • It uses private photos (I use my own/no stock photos. I’m an award winning photographer and for each story I painstakingly select appropriate photos from my collection, or take new ones. I don’t use filters and special effects on my photos).

  • It’s based on honesty & sincerity.

  • It speaks on spiritual as well as material development.

  • It has everything we need to empower ourselves.

  • Useless Cogitations has been developed in collaboration with my wife.

  • The logo of Useless Cogitations is a golden yellow circle; the colour represents beneficial Jupiter, the circle wholeness.

    Useless Cogitations Logo

What do I care about?

  • I care about life and relationships.

  • I care about empowerment-responsibility balance.

  • I love constantly improving, updating, and adding new content, to make our empowerment journey easier.

My favourite UC features?

  • It studies empowerment from its roots in stories, traditions, & beliefs (making it more reliable from the ground up).

  • In Story Notes, I work out the empowerment strategy in each story for us to grow with insight.

  • In Behind the Scenes, I share with you interesting things that I discovered during writing a story.

  • I hope you will love it as much as I do.

    So until next time, hope you have fun reading, empowering yourself, and growing!

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Téj Ashish

テジ・アシッシュ Writer, empowerment enthusiast.